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   Tasty Coffee Creamer Buttercream Icing
    This icing is delicious. It is very easy to smooth and simple to make.

   Fondant Recipe by Colette Peters
    This is the best recipe I have found for making your own fondant.
I like to use one teaspoon of vanilla flavoring with one teaspoon of cream bouquet flavoring.

  Marshmallow Fondant Recipe
    This is a recipe for a simple form of fondant made from marshmallows. One of my students made this and it tastes quite good and sounds easy to make

 Chocolate Rolled Fondant
    I used this recipe to make my chocolate tuxedo cake. It tastes like brownies and is fairly easy to work with.




   The Rose
    This page offers a video of how to pipe a buttercream rose on a flower nail

   The Shell border
    This page offers a video of how to pipe a buttercream shell border

   The Star
    This page offers a video of how to pipe a buttercream star

  Cake Info Chart
    This page has links to many helpful charts for different pans as well as cutting instructions and serving amounts for each size pan

  Chocolate Mousse 
    This page has the recipe for the best and easiest chocolate mousse I have ever tasted! Try substituting lemon pudding, lemon juice, and white chocolate morsels to make a lemon mousse variation! It is just heavenly


   CAKES BY DESIGN by Scott Clark Woolley
    Scott Clark Woolley makes the most remarkable gum paste flowers and creatures I have ever seen. He has a marvelous DVD and book for sale as well as superior gum paste tools. Keep watching his site for his latest DVD featuring fondant!